AI TOKEN has been built by SARAH AI for the purposes of raising funds for SARAH AI projects including SARAH the Therapist, Emotion Detection, and Pattern Predictor. Read below about our project and purposes and future possibilities.

AI TOKEN is not currently listed on any exchanges and will not list until a considerable amount of tokens have been sold, But, AI TOKEN is transferrable using Meta Mask  wallet (Download) you can also hold your tokens using different hardware wallets that support Ethereum custom ERC-20 Tokens.

Maximum Supply: 2 Billion Tokens 

Decimals: 2

Why the Name AI TOKEN?

Our company (SARAH AI Ltd) is specialized in AI algorithms and our sole purpose and goal are to improve AI technology, also, this token will be the driving force of SARAH AI, thus, this token is a representative of our company and vision.

And that's why we name it the AI token.

How do I acquire AI TOKENs? 

 You can purchase AI TOKENS by swapping ETH or USDT at the bottom of this page. Larger investors who are interested in becoming partners can contact us using the contact form on our website.

I can't find the AI TOKEN on Meta Mask search!

We are working on this matter. Please stay tuned as we do the registration with etherscan  we will update you via our newsletter, alternatively, you can visit this page for updates. Until then you should add your tokens as a custom token using the contact ID that is sent to you.

How can I help the token's growth?

As a token holder,  you can tweet about the AI TOKEN using hashtags #AIT and #AITOKEN, also posts on Instagram and Facebook and linked are helpful. You can also request listing with popular exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Nexo, and any other exchange that is popular with you.

What is the AI TOKEN project and what is the future?

We are aiming to build our own unique blockchain called the AI Blockchain after we have released all 2 billion tokens to the public to make the blockchain completely decentralized.

The blockchain will have the following features:

Bearing dividend: after we have built our own blockchain, our tokens will bear quarterly dividends from the transaction fees collected (commonly referred to as gas fee).

Share of Profits: after we have built our own blockchain, Each token will act as a share, and therefore bear a share of SARAH AI's total profits from all projects.

VOTE: on our blockchain, you would be able to vote on any matters (called motions) about the company, the blockchain, the token, and any other matter (e.g. adding other companies to the token profit sharing pool,or issuing new tokens on the blockchain for other companies or even increasing or reducing gas fees and dividend rates) and your votes will count as the number of total tokens represents 100%, and a majority of 51% or a majority of votes that has been cast. This is the primary reason why we are selling our tokens as an ERC-20 Token on ethereum. This technology is called truly decentralized and is a SARAH AI Technology. 

How much is the price of each token?

The AI Token will be released in increments, the first increment is made of 500 million tokens and is priced at 0.01 £ (1 penny or 0.01 of 1 GBP)




Only send ETH or USDT to the above address, the amount you receive will be calculated at the exact moment the transaction gets confirmed.

be sure to install MetaMask wallet to receive your AIT.

If you had any problems with the transaction after confirmation, be sure to contact us using the contact form on the website so we can resolve the issue in a timely manner.

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