Because Therapy Is About You

we are committed to make the best therapy available to those in need

Mental Health remains a very big issue an every country around the world whether its anxiety or depression or PTSD and phobias .

A lot of crimes around the world are committed because of lack of mental health care, SARAH The Therapist is devoted to make this problem go away, aside from making this great and essential service available to yourself , you can donate a subscription to those in need, SARA will make sure they will get it .  

subscriptions are available to pre-order in our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign at 65% discount. 

Your contribution and donation will not only be rewarded by your subscription at a great price, but also you have made a role in making this essntial software avilable to the world .

“Mental Health care should not be a luxury to have 45 minutes per week, But should be available to all, That was the idea behind SARAH The Therapist”

  Alireza Dehghan   Founder & CEO

Her Capabilities

SARAH is an AI Therapist and her capabilities are limitless but below are a few to remember 

SARAH will remember

SARAH's artificial intelligence makes her remember your previous conversations to maximize the personalization of her therapy each time more and more 

Recognition of languages

SARAH has multiple libraries of Accents so you'll be comfortable talking to her , she will recognize American , British, Canadian, Australian and Kiwi English 


Track and optimization

Track and optimize your therapy , to stay committed schedule your preferred session time date and frequency

 Sarah will remind you herself !


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